The Wrecking Crew U is the training arm of The Wrecking Crew Consultancy. Here, we provide courses, guides, and other materials for leaders to master the craft of leadership by breaking down conventions and building something new, innovative, and thriving.

Project Managers

We provide courses and training over and above the standard weekend-warrior teachings on traditional tools. We teach PMs how to communicate, plan, and drive project all while creating the conditions to let their teams thrive.

New Leader Training

We offer courses and coaching for leaders who are new to people management, and want to not only excel, but learn how to be a true resource for their people so everyone achieves together.

Leadership Evolution

We offer resources for experienced leaders who are looking to break out of their traditions and take on a new style, a new philosophy, a new approach to leadership that is rooted in an innovating understanding of creating the spaces where everyone can exceed.

Hi, I’m Chris

I am an experienced leader in the healthcare technology industry, with over 25 years of research, development, marketing and commercialization experience.

My passion is training leaders, especially new and mid-level leaders, to break the conventions of their vocation, and create new ways of leading teams and creating the environments where everyone can thrive.